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What Clients are saying...

"I had the privilege of receiving my first session with Karen, and a week later my body is still tingling and aglow! Her kindness and knowledge was apparent in every touch and she takes the time to educate and guide, leaving me with a greater understanding of my body and a lightness and ease that wasn’t there before. She is a true healer and bodywork magician! I will absolutely be seeing Karen again and HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is looking for a beautiful gift for the mind, body, and spirit."

- Maya D.

"Karen is both professional and personal at once. I have been her client and I have also been very happy to recommend her to my guests at the Bowen Island Hideaway B&B.  They have told me they loved their in-house relaxation massage, sometimes better than at an expensive spa!   She is able to create a calming atmosphere and a feeling of respect and security. After your massage you will feel relaxed and your body will feel balanced." 

- Heidi K.

"I really enjoyed my session with Karen where she applied the gentle rocking and bouncing motions used in Trager work combined with gentle pressure massage. It was very relaxing and not invasive at all, which was important to me as I recently had back surgery. Her work helped calm down my nervous system and left me relaxed and rejuvenated. "

- Surati H.

"I had booked Karen Shea for an in house treatment, as a gift for my husband. When the massage was complete he stated "I feel so relaxed like I am floating...she has healing hands!" Thank you Karen for your amazing work.

- Marie N.

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